Our Practitioners


Bev Clarke

Registered Nurse (NM), Acupuncture/Traditional Chinese Medicine, CranioSacral Therapist.

Bev Clarke has twenty-five years of professional health care experience during which Bevtime her intention has been to work with people to optimize their wellness as the individual

Her professional areas of training and licensure are in the areas of massage therapy; CranioSacral Therapy; Registered Nurse (NM) and Traditional Chinese Medicine. At this time, her primary focus is neuro-acupuncture which she uses with people with brain injuries as well as with other neurological conditions.

In 1993, Bev began her training in CranioSacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute. She was within the first group of people who completed the CranioSacral Therapy Techniques Certification from the Upledger Institute. She has found this gentle and profound modality has the ability to facilitate deep healing. CranioSacral therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine offer people the opportunity to optimize their health and wellness.

Bev graduated her Bachelor of Nursing program Cum Laude. As an RN she was the team lead for a Health and Wellness program and one of five nurses that worked with three hundred people with serious and persistent mental illness in a community Behavioral Health program.

She has also been a hospice volunteer. In this role she also provided some of the training for new volunteers. She continuously broadens her knowledge and skills in response to her clients’ needs. She is a long time meditator and enjoys walking in nature. Bev provides sessions of Acupuncture, CranioSacral Therapy or a combination of Acupuncture and CranioSacral Therapy. She invites you to contact her if you feel her intention, training and experience may be of benefit to you. She looks forward to meeting you!

Melissa Birkle

Life Coach, Reiki Master,BS in Family Studies & Gerontology, Graduate studies in Professional Counseling and Addictions.


Melissa Birkle’s initial work in the healing arts began in 2012 when she began coaching in life transformation and heart connection. Her work with compassion and restoration come from her own life work of recovery from abuse, trauma, disease and transformation. Her own journey led to a unique course in returning to one’s heart.  She have a passion for creating space to safely explore pain and bring restoration.  Nature has been a constant teacher throughout her life and it is in the awe and wonder of the natural world that she believe we can more easily connect to our innocence and potential. She has a Bachelor of Science in Family Studies & Gerontology and 26 hours of Graduate studies in Professional Counseling and Addictions.

It was through her love of horses that she began to study subtle energy and equine assisted therapy.  She quickly began to assimilate this information into her own practice.  As her own practice deepened through meditation, crystals, applied kinesiology and totem symbolism, she began taking workshops in energy techniques. Shechose to pursue the path of Reiki training.  she received her Master/Teacher Level Certificate in Usui Reiki and have taken many additional workshops on chakras, coaching and psychic training.   She completed her Master Level training on August of 2015 and have been practicing Reiki since July of 2014.  Her energy techniques have expanded beyond traditional Reiki and include her studies in counseling, meditation with the support of crystals, aromatherapy and healing frequencies. Let’s begin the journey to your true essence today!

She offers Energy work Sessions, Life Coaching, Compassionate Connection for Couples, and Guided Meditation Classes. Visit her online at www.essenceawakened.com



Peggy Lindsey

Ordained Universal Life Minister, Life Coach, Energy Worker, & Akashic Records Therapist.

Peggy Lindsey 2

Peggy Lindsey is an intuitive practitioner, grounded in the
principles of energy healing practices as well as the field of Coaching. Her unique
combination of skills allows her to provide services in a knowledgeable and compassionate manner achieving positive results.

After 30 successful years in the corporate world, she chose to follow my passion of
assisting others through coaching, healing, and teaching. Her certifications and training
consist of being a Certified Life Coach through the Quantum Success Coaching Academy specializing in Transformational Coaching and Law of Attraction Coaching. Certified Arcing Light Healing Energy Practitioner, Master Teacher, and appointed Teacher of Teachers. Usui Reiki Master, Akashic Records Therapist, Certified Angel Oracle Reader trained by Doreen Virtue, and an ordained Universal Life Minister. Having made a loving commitment to continue improving her own life’s journey, she includes her own experience when working and helping others. She approaches all situations from a holistic perspective, considering the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.

My mission is to empower others to honor their true natures and help them to live life
joyfully and consciously! It is an honor to walk along side you on your journey toward
health, happiness, and fulfillment!

She offers Energy work sessions, Life Coaching, Readings and More. Visit Peggy online at www.onangelswingshealing.com


Kellye Houck- Founder

Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Energy Worker, Certified Hypnotherapist, Shamanic Journeying Practitioner.


Kellye is an alternative healer in Sedona, Arizona. Through her own journey in self healing, Kellye dedicated her life to understanding the Mind, Body, and Spirit connection. After healing her own PTSD, Depression and Anxiety disorder through Shamanic practices and self hypnosis, she now works on ways to help assist others in their own healing practices.

With a degree in Holistic Health Care, She studied for over 5 years healing arts modalities and massage techniques. Her primary focus in the healing arts is Traditional Chinese Medical Theory/Tui Na practices, Medical Massage, Sports Massage/Myotherapy, and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy. She became a licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Hypnotherapist from the South West Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ and graduated in 2010,  she then received her degree in Holistic Healthcare in 2013.

Kellye continues her education and is currently attending NAU for her second degree. She is now studying Pre-Med with hopes to either become a Counselor or a Doctor someday so she can add more services to this center. She also focuses her time on creating a community of practitioners at Sacred Arts Massage and Wellness.

Kellye’s path is dedicated to empowering and encouraging others to grow into the best version of themselves. She works emphatically from the heart and provides a nurturing, and loving support for all her clients and practitioners. She formed Sacred Arts Massage and Wellness to provide a community of healers working from their heart to serve our community.